Last updated: 20 April 2019


1- To our Clients the public users of our system, we vow to present to you an expedited, accurate, confidential service to meet your needs.
2- To our Clinics , we promise an easy to use Application that will save time, effort and financial resources
3- To our Profession, we affirm our obligations to our original and only profession Medicine


Terms and conditions of use


As our client you really need to read the following terms and conditions carefully. By confirming your understanding and approving of the conditions, you are entered into an agreement with Aussie Medicos

1-Full use of our application.
2-Your entitled to send us any observation, complaint or any problem you have encountered
3-Your information is fully secured and will not be shared with any other party except the clinic you want to approach or the physician you want to contact as virtual consult
4-Privacy is our number one priority in developing this system
5-This system is highly secured and backed up with 2 systems

1- All our clients should create an account and filling out all the required fields of information .
2- Provision of any false information will disturb our efforts in securing a doctor appointment.
3- Our clients should follow the rules of online use of such software
4- It is our sole right to suspend any user account once we suspect any unauthorized use or hacking activity
5- Our clients are fully in charge of their accounts and also responsible of the accuracy of information provided



1- We are more than privileged this software to our colleague doctors and specialists in Australia hoping it will be as streamlined as it can be. Again, it is developed by doctors and clients for doctors and clients.
2- Clinics will insure the accuracy of the information provided to create an account
3- Clinics will agree upon confidentiality policies
4- Clinics will agree upon the appropriate and legal use of this software
5- Aussie Medicos will strive to support the system within the frame of its use by the clinics 24/7